Launch of Hall of Fame for Hosters

October 5, 2020
There is something new on a Hall of Fame for Hosters! That is the place where you want to be found as a hoster. Because customers can use it to check if a hoster is up to date regarding the use of modern internet and e-mail standards.


As a hoster you are a eligble for listing in the Hall of Fame for hosters when your website and email both score 100% on And if you are able to provide this double perfect to customers as well. Listing is only on request of the hoster. Entrants to the Hall of Fame for Hosters get listed on, get a festive package, and they are allowed to use the compliant badge in their own communications.

Campaign Email Safely

In the summer, the 'Email Safely' (in Dutch) campaign has been launched to encourage companies and hosters to adopt secure email standards. The campaign is an initiative of the Dutch Internet Standards Platform in cooperation with Bouwend Nederland, VNO-NCW,, MKB-Nederland, Cybersecurity Alliance, Safe Email Coalition, DDMA, DHPA, ISPConnect, and Association of Registrars. During the campaign it was also announced that we would launch a Hall of Fame for Hosters in the fall.

Need help?

We are happy to help hosters make the final steps towards the Hall of Fame for Hosters. In many cases it's just a matter of tying up few loose ends. Check the toolbox of for information and tips. Or ask your question via We are happy to help you increase the digital security of the Netherlands!