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The 25 hosters mentioned below are included in the Hall of Fame for Hosters, because they meet the following criteria:

  1. Own domain 2x 100%: The hoster's own domain name, on which the company website is active, scores 100% in both the website test and the email test on;
  2. Customer domains 2x 100%: The hoster explicitly offers hosting services for websites and e-mail, and offers its customers the possibility to score 100% in both the website test and email test on;
  3. Trade register: The hoster's company name is mentioned as a trade name in the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or in a similar foreign trade register;
  4. Only per request: Inclusion in this Hall of Fame is voluntary and can be requested by the hoster by sending an e-mail to

Other rules

  • Using our badge: Only hosters listed in this Hall of Fame are allowed to use the above compliant badge in their own communications.
  • Unjustified listing? Do you see a hoster in this Hall of Fame that does not meet the criteria described above? Please send us an e-mail using proper argumentation.
  • Order: The names of the hosters in the Hall of Fame are shown in random order.