News available as 'ready-to-go' Docker package

Today launches a new version of its test tool in the form of a 'ready-to-go' package based on Docker. It makes deploying, developing, testing and scaling the code base much easier. In addition, in this new version, the Referrer-Policy test has been extended to evaluate found policies and several other improvements have been made. Happy testing!

Improved tests for CSP and security.txt on

As of today, you can use a new version of with an improved test for Content-Security-Policy and for security.txt. In addition, several other improvements have been made, including bug fixes, code cleanup, updates of used external software libraries, and content improvements.

Universal Acceptance Day - #Internet4all

Tuesday, March 28, marks the first "Universal Acceptance Day" worldwide. Universal Acceptance (UA) is about all valid domain names and e-mail addresses working in all software applications. adds test for security.txt

A new security.txt test component has been added to the website test in collaboration with the Digital Trust Center (DTC). security.txt is a standardised text file containing contact information that you place on your web server. Security researchers can use this information to contact the right department or person within your organization directly about vulnerabilities they have found in your website or IT systems. This can speed up the resolution of the vulnerabilities found, giving malicious parties less opportunity to exploit them. In short: test your own domain and publish a security.txt file!

New release adds RPKI test

As of today, you can use to test whether your website and mail service are protected by RPKI. By applying this modern internet standard you will be less likely to suffer from unintentional or malicious internet routing errors. Errors that could, for example, lead to unavailability of your website and mail service. Have fun testing and, if necessary, good luck improving!

Maintenance and bugfix release of

As of today, you can use a new, improved version of In this new version, the underlying, reused software has been upgraded. Improvements have also been made to the documentation and software code.

New with improved tests for TLS and CSP

As of today you can use a new version of with improved tests for TLS and Content Security Policy. Furthermore, there are several changes, such as improved support for non-mail domains and the extension of the minimum HSTS cache validity period. Have fun with even better testing on modern Internet standards!

Launch of Hall of Fame for Hosters

There is something new on a Hall of Fame for Hosters! That is the place where you want to be found as a hoster. Because customers can use it to check if a hoster is up to date regarding the use of modern internet and e-mail standards.

New version X-XSS-Protection removed and improvement for no MX domains

As of today a new version of is available that contains some small improvements and bugfixes. Although it is not big change, we hope you enjoy it. Good luck testing and improving on modern Internet standards!

New TLS guidelines landed in

As of today you can use to test if your website and mail are compliant with the latest 'IT Security Guidelines for TLS' from NCSC-NL. This also means that TLS 1.3 is now supported in the website and mail test.

Next major release of will use the new TLS guidelines

The next major release of will use the new IT Security Guidelines for TLS (version 2.0) from the NCSC to check TLS connections. currently uses the previous version of the IT Security Guidelines for TLS (version 1.0 from 2014) for checking whether TLS settings are at least “Sufficient”.

Open source release including 'security headers'

As of today the source code of is available under an open source license, making it possible to verify its workings and run your own local instance. Furthermore we added a new test category for application security options or security headers.

Email test on extended

Is your domain configured in a way that mail spoofing is actively prevented? Does your mail server offer proper transport encryption? As of today you can test both aspects with the new version of that has been published by the Dutch Internet Standards Platform. now also checks strictness anti-mail-spoofing standards

Today the Dutch Internet Standards Platform launches an improved version of its test tool that was used to execute over 750 thousand tests in 2017. From now on the test tool does not only check if standards against mail spoofing are in place for a given domain, but also checks if these standards are configured sufficiently strict to prevent abuse of the domain.

Improved test for modern Internet Standards

Today the Internet Standards Platform launches a fully redesigned test website. The comprehensive explanations on the improved test website provide more guidance to users to get modern Internet Standards. The redesign makes the website better accessible on mobile devices and for users with disabilities.

New version 'HSTS' and 'enforced HTTPS' do count

Today (June 27, 2016) the Dutch Internet Standard PLatform launches a new version of the website From now on, 'HSTS' and 'enforced HTTPS' are part of the score of the website test. This was already announced at the previous release. In addition to this change, the new version of includes several improvements that make testing faster and more stable.

New version with extended HTTPS test

As of today a new version of is available. This new release contains improvements and extensions, especially for the HTTPS/TLS part of the website test. Since April last year users executed 80,000 tests on Hopefully you like this new version and you keep on testing and improving your Internet. Happy testing!!! launched during Dutch Cyber Week 2015

During the Dutch Cyber Week 2015 the website was launched by the Internet Standards Platform, a collaboration among organisations from the Internet community and the Dutch government. On this website, visitors can check whether their Internet is up to date. Are your internet connection, e-mail and website actually using modern, secure internet standards? And if not, what can you do about it?

Invitation Masterclass DMARC

On Tuesday April 21st the Platform Internetstandards organises a Masterclass on the topic of DMARC.

Blog Olaf Kolkman : Internet is all about collaboration

The Internet, as a global system, is a network-of-networks held together by a spirit of collaboration. When information traverses the Internet it may pass through a handful of networks, and the network from which the traffic originated probably has no formal relationship with the network that receives it. The reason why that works is collaboration, both in exchanging and carrying traffic from other networks, and in solving problems that may have originated several hops away.